Group of companies SC LIL-MEC SRL and SC BULBUCAN LIL SRL, with the same management, was established in 2001 and 2005, with private equity and an estimated 10 employees and had as main task machining high precision mechanical processing, small series and unique.

Using existing staff capacity, SC BULBUCAN LIL SRL put their expertise in precision machining.

Our company put on the first place quality products and services, meeting customer requirements and expectations.

So now we got to have more than 70 employees, the latest equipment, two buildings over 6000 m2, and large contracts with major customers internal and especially external.

In the past two years, respectively 2014-2015, we managed to purchase three new CNC machine tools, the latest generation, to improve production and to meet short deadlines for delivery to our customers.

In the fall of 2015 we acquired a CNC grinding machine: Reishauer RZ 362A high precision! The RZ 362 A is a high precision and high production gear unit.!

Major customers are from: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, USA.

We can do:

  • excelent quality/price;
  • diversity of products and services;
  • flexibility in fulfilling orders;
  • qualified and competent.

Our projects:

  • Increasing production lines and improve the more latest machines;
  • Our company is based on the reliability, accuracy and timeliness of delivery;
  • We want to execute machine tools on the topic as complex.