SC Bulbucan SRL - Specialists in mechanical processing and machine tool repair

We manufacture custom Gears, Plates, Axe, Boards from pressed steel, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, special materials, and more!



Modern facilities and experience allow us to execute a wide range of products

Car repair tools


We can make you any type of gears,
high precision grinding in Class 6

Modernization of machines


We can also modernize old equipment, CNC equipment, grinding guides, etc.

Custom cars

Custom cars

We execute custom cars of all types; eg: machinery

We provide the most advanced technologies in the field for your business to prosper!

SC BULBUCAN LIL SRL has over 50 different types of machine tools, CNC and conventional some and also the most modern means of measuring and control.

Our company performs complex machining, repair and modernization of machine tools and complete execution of various custom cars, specializing in small and medium series production.

Advanced solutions for your business

As a result of efforts these years, we have managed to establish business relations with foreign partners and important business people worldwide.

SC BULBUCAN LIL SRL is a dynamic company that adapts constantly changing business environment technological developments and customer requirements.

Our company is ISO 9001 certified by TUV Germany.

We have expanded our production lines and improved with several new generation machines (machining centers and CNC lathes). Our company is based on the reliability, accuracy and timeliness of delivery. We can execute machines as complex theme.

We also do repairs of the highest quality to any MU.

Major customers are from: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Colombia, USA, etc


  • repairs conventional CNC machine tools - machine tools upgrade
  • construction and assembly machine tools as customer documentation
  • construction and mounting assemblies and subassemblies
  • processing large pieces of type: enclosures, frames, guides, meals
  • we sell​​/repair brakes and electromagnetic clutches of any kind
  • performance benchmarks type gears, shafts, flanges, rectangular parts etc.
  • High precision rectification: gears, frameworks, large plates, etc.